18th AnnualScottish Masters Athletics

Heavy Events WorldChampionships

7 September 2018, Friday, 4:00 PM 9 September 2018, Sunday, 7:00 PM Competition Venue:
Waldheim Lindental
Diepbachwiesen 4,
70499 Stuttgart-Weilimdorf

8 Traditional Events, Age Group Awards for Athletes over 40 years of age
Hosted by the Stuttgart Highland Games Württembergischer Rasenkraftsport- und Tauziehverband e. v.

Registered athletes will be ranked during April and the top qualifiers placed on the Start List or Standby List during May.

Critical Planning Dates

Athlete Application Begins;
Primary Start List and Standby List posted;
Non-Refundable Deadline (last chance to withdraw and recieve a refund);
Confirm Athlete Entry for Final Start List;
Final Start List posted on ScottishMasters.org website

Tentative Event Schedule

SEPTEMBER 7, 2018 Friday - 4:00 PM
Meet & Greet & Weighins
SEPTEMBER 8, 2018 Saturday - 8:30 AM
Competition Day 1
SEPTEMBER 9, 2018 Sunday - 8:30 AM
Competition Day 2

Qualifying Requirements


Entries must qualify by demonstrating throwing performances in comparison with these age group based Qualifying Distances.  View qualifying distances here

Entries must meet or exceed the appropriate Heavy OR Light weight in each these 3 throws.
(Men's and Women's weights in pounds)

    Heavy or Light - 22lb, or 16lb,  or 12lb
    Heavy or Light - 42lb, 28lb, 21lb, or 14lb
    Heavy or Light - 22lb, 16lb, 13lb, or 9lb

Previous Scottish Masters Athletics Champions and all athletes over 65 years of age are excluded from this qualifying criteria.

Recently means within the last year or throwing season (2017-2018).


Hotel Information

Host Hotel

Tel. +49 7150 130, welcome@abaccohotels.com

The hotel has to be booked directly by the athletes, keyword "Highland Games"
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday: Single room 89 €, double room 125 € including tax
Friday, Saturday: Single room 75 €, double room 104 € including tax

Additional Hotel

Dobler Green
EZ € 56,00/ DZ € 80,00 à 

Youth Hostels

Both youth hostels offer rooms for 2 - 4 persons (not more). Each room has its own toilets.The athletes have to reserve until mid-May 2018 at petra.mueller@buerostueble.de and to pay in advance via Paypal at the same e-mail address, as Petra has to pay part of the rooms in advance. The athletes don't need any membership to stay in the youth hostels, as this will be assumed by hosts. Costs: 29,50 €/person/night

Jugendherberge Stuttgart-Neckarpark
Tel. +49 711 6647470info@jugendherberge-stuttgart-neckarpark.de

Jugendherberge Stuttgart International (city-centre)
Tel. +49 711 6647470info@jugendherberge-stuttgart.de

Public Transportation

3-days-ticket for the public transportation within Stuttgart-area is 14 € 

Start List

Rank Name Home Shirt Size Payment
1 Tommy de Brujn Hulst, Netherlands 3XL
2 Daniel Frame Greenwood, NS, Canada 3XL
3 Martin Schiller Vienna, Austria 2XL
4 Sean Smith Encinitas, CA, US 2XL
5 Gunnar Pfingsten Germany 3XL
6 Michael Zolkiewicz Longmeadow, MA, US 2XL
7 Lance Holland-Keen Mount Annan, NSW, Australia 2XL
8 Pete Hart Perthshire, Scotland 5XL
9 Jason Spraggins San Antonio, TX, US XL
10 Sebastiaan Huys Beverwijk, Netherlands 2XL
11 Mark Jaros Frankfort, IL, US XL
12 Alexander Wendling Moers, Germany 3XL
13 Wilfred van Est Tricht, Netherlands 4XL
14 Tyson Trias Ocala, FL, US 3XL
15 Jason Corder Henderson, NV, US 2XL
16 Troy Wallen Tucson, AZ, US 2XL
17 Jack Coleman The Colony, TX, US 2XL
18 Michael Horn Germany 5XL
19 Falk Pilz Germany 5XL
Rank Name Home Shirt Size Payment
1 Michael Dickens Round Rock, TX, US 2XL
2 Jason Young Skinnerton, Inver, Tain SCO 3XL
3 Hans Lolkema Heeten, Netherlands 3XL
4 Urs Zentner Laufenburg, Germany 2XL
5 Chris Snider Fort Meyers, FL, US XL
6 Franz Ritter Heiden, Schweiz 4XL
7 Markus Walzel Neubiberg, Germany 2XL
8 Markus Komischke Kerpen, Germany 3XL
9 Robb Clardy Seminole, FL, US 4XL
10 Robert Katzenbeisser Wien, Austria XL
11 Mark Zimmerman Hürth, Germany 2XL
12 Bill Baxter Tampa, FL, US 3XL
Rank Name Home Shirt Size Payment
1 謙吾 久保田 Japan 2XL
2 Dwayne Fowler Fredericksburg, TX XL
3 Tim Thoma Apple Valley, MN 3XL
4 Daniel Michels Winston Salem, NC 2XL
5 Andreas Deuschle Nürtingen, Germany 3XL
6 Wiebe Zeilstra Oosterwolde, Netherlands 3XL
7 Doug Berry Rowlett, TX, US XL
8 Manfred Muehlenhaus Kempen, Germany 3XL
9 Alf Grasnick Basel, Schweiz XL
10 Eric Harmon Monument, CO 2XL
11 Francois Baeriswyl Hägendorf, Schweiz 2XL
12 Uwe Manfred Schmidt Kempen, Germany 2XL
13 Andrew McCreery Chandler, AZ, US 5XL
14 Samuel Weibel Switzerland 5XL
Rank Name Home Shirt Size Payment
1 Mark MacDonald Dimfries, Scotland 3XL
2 Dale Gehman Gaylord, MI, US Medium
3 Brent Abbott Columbia, IL, US 2XL
4 Hans-Dieter Dorow Fürstenwalde, Germany 3XL
5 Eric Snow Boiling Springs, SC, US 2XL
6 John Jans Elora, ON, Canada 2XL
7 Bobby Douglas Richmond, TX, US XL
8 Richard Campbell Santa Clarita, CA, US XL
9 Godfried Kleinmeijer Enschede, Netherlands 3XL
Rank Name Home Shirt Size Payment
1 Frank Henry Woodbridge, VA, US 2XL
2 Al Stagner Greeley, CO, US 3XL
3 Kevin Youngberg Clearwater, FL, US 2XL
4 Richard Kramer Villa Park, IL, US 2XL
5 Mark Buchanan Colorado Springs, CO, US 2XL
6 Chuck Livingston Franklinville, NY, US 3XL
7 Brian Andrews Brandon, FL, US XL
8 Steven Elliott Shingle Springs, CA, US XL
9 Duncan Steward Frome, UK 2XL
Rank Name Home Shirt Size Payment
1 Larry Sisseck Petaluma, CA, US XL
2 Kenneth Beck Seattle, WA, US 2XL
3 Christian Estermann Ludwigsburg, Germany XL
4 Rod McLeod Lancaster, ON, Canada XL
5 Victor McMullan Springfield, IL US XL
6 Wayne Staggs Arvada, CO XL
Rank Name Home Shirt Size Payment
1 Hanshugo Suerth Pulheim, Germany 2XL
2 William Rogers Springfield, IL, US XL
3 Ian Miller Welwyn, Hertfordshire, UK XL
4 Bernie Welch Kiowa, CO, US Large
Rank Name Home Shirt Size Payment
1 Mark Howe Cape Coral, FL, US XL
2 Bryan MacLean Moncton, NB, Canada XL
3 Ian Ross Isle of Ross, Scotland Large
4 Torsten Hülsemann Wennigsen, Germany Large
5 David Marble Cumberland, VA, US Large
6 Tedd Van Vleck Fort Worth, TX, US XL
7 Petrus Sundevall Fort Lauderdale, FL, US Large
8 Harry Hancock Boat of Garten, Scotland XL
9 Holger Bonowski Kamen, Germany Large
10 Ken Korcek Clearwater, FLA XL
Rank Name Home Shirt Size Payment
1 Christopher Nickell Springfield, IL, United States XL
2 Bernd Wolf Nettetal, Germany XL
3 Robert Henderson St. Joseph, MO, US XL
4 Brian Harrold The Ranch, Scotland Large
5 Charles (Ching) Oettel Palm Coast, FL, US Large
6 Stacy Green Sanger, TX, US XL
7 Joel Caithamer Walton, KY, US Large
8 Lee MacKinnon Alexandria, Ontario, Canada XL
9 Detlef Mierig Eberswalde, Germany Large
Rank Name Home Shirt Size Payment
1 Sylvana Bomholt Freienwill, Germany XL
2 Lisa MacDonald Alexandria, Ontario, Canada Medium
3 Eva-Maria Linck Krefeld, Germany XL
4 Mirjam Kohler Rüti, Switzerland XL
Rank Name Home Shirt Size Payment
1 Courtney McGuire Trumansburg, NY, US 2XL
2 Manon Bergmann Velbert, Germany 2XL
3 Daniela Riese Wennigsen, Germany Large
Rank Name Home Shirt Size Payment
1 Michelle Lowe Chandler, AZ, US Large
2 Edie Lindeburg Parker, CO, US Small
3 Karyn Dallimore Langley, BC, Canada 2XL
Rank Name Home Shirt Size Payment
1 Denise Houseman Manchester, NH, US Large
2 Cindy Johnson Englewood, CO, US Medium
3 Claudia Stickelbrock Kempen, Germany 2XL
4 Karen Stagner Greeley, CO, US XL
5 Pamela Turnbull Burnaby, BC, Canada 2XL
6 Claudia Ernst-Offermann Worms, Germany 2XL
Rank Name Home Shirt Size Payment
1 Susan Hallen Elk Grove Village, IL, US 2XL
2 Ruth Welding Elk Grove Village, IL, US Medium
3 Michelle Crownhart Cincinnati, OH, US Large
Rank Name Home Shirt Size Payment
1 Teresa Nystrom Las Cruces, NM, US Medium
2 Amy Brush-Cushman Bradenton, FL, US Small
3 Heike Sommerfeld Nettetal, Germany Medium
4 Kathryn Kendall Buffalo, NY, US Large

Gunter H. Fahrion President
Petra Müller Festival Director
Uli Müller Athletic Director